Letter Box Locks

Letter box locks and mail security has become a major problem in 2015. Identity theft and theft of mail that can impact our lives is a very real threat. Australia Post has always had the good sense to secure post office boxes with a hard to manipulate lock and secure key. Our mail boxes at our houses and apartments are another story. Most home mail boxes have very poor security. If they have a lock at all the lock is probably very low security and vulnerable to easy opening techniques.

letter box lock with number stamped Brisbane

Standard Letter box lock with number stamped on face of lock and master keyed.

Standard mail box locks are a disc type lock that is mass produced at very cheap prices. These locks offer very little security. They are designed as a minimal security lock that has only around 400 key changes. Most standard mail box locks even have a number stamped on the front of the lock which can be used to make a new key. Taking the number to a locksmith and he will cut a new key to the mail box lock with no identification required. To make the standard mail box lock even less secure they are master keyed to open with just one key! Yes, a common master key will open most letter box locks in Brisbane.

Gem Letter box Lock Brisbane

Gem high security letter box lock and key

To increase the security of mail boxes there is an easy to install replacement lock available. A lock that has no master key and that has many individual key combinations and a lock that is high security and can not be manipulated with simple tools. A Gem lock or Abloy style lock are some of the best options to secure your mail box. The replacement of just one mail box or a whole bank of mail boxes for apartment buildings is an easy task for a locksmith and one that every person should consider. Having mail stolen can cost you a lot more then the small cost of a replacement lock.

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