Locks Rekeyed

At Access locksmiths we can rekey your locks rather then replacing the entire lock. When the lock is rekeyd, the original key will no longer work. Only the new key that the lock has been rekeyed to will now work in the lock. Our locksmiths know how to change the lock cylinder pins and rekey all locks so you can save your money and do not have the added expense of a new lock and a new fitting to the door.

Stolen Key in BrisbaneIf the keys have been stolen by a thief, it is most definitely a good time to rekey your locks. You do not want a burglar to be able to re-enter your house when the keys have been stolen.

We can also rekey your locks and place them on a high security cylinder lock and keys.  Registered keys stop employees, tenants and other people from copying keys without your knowledge.  High security locks stop lock picking, electric pick guns and lock bumping attacks, which can leave off the shelf locks vulnerable.

We at Access Locksmiths can also change your garage remote door and your gate remote. Not only that! We can make them both work on the same remote if you require. Even if they are different brands of remotes or garage door motors. If you need a new garage door motor or require a garage remote door repaired, we can help with that too!

Don’t late until it is too late to rekey your locks. Give access Locksmiths a call now for a locksmith to your house.