Mortice locks

A mortice lock is a lock that is ‘morticed’ into the edge of a door. The lock body is encased in the door and a face plate on the edge of the door will be all you see of the lock body. There are usually handles fitted for opening and either a key hole for lever locks or a lock cylinder for more modern lock types. Mortice locks have been used for many hundreds of years. The original mortice locks used levers and an old fashioned key to lock the door. The mortice lock is still a very popular lock design due to the strength given by being set inside the door.

3572 Mortice lock with elegant handlesMortice locks are commonly used on household doors, unit and apartment doors and commercial doors. In Brisbane the most used commercial and home mortice lock is the Lockwood 3572. This is an all purpose mortice lock that can be set to different functions such as lock and unlock, escape handle on the inside, storeroom function (key retracts bolt) and double cylinder (locked on both sides). The Lockwood 3572 also has a wide range of handles and accessories. It has solid handles used for commercial doors and more elegant looking separate handles and cylinder escutcheons.

Lockwood 3572 mortice lock in BrisbaneMortice locks can be a lot stronger then other types of locks as they are morticed into the door and solidly fitted as a permanent fixture inside the door. The length of the lock body evenly spreads out pressure to the cut out inside the door which gives a great deal of strength to the lock.

Modern mortice locks can be fitted with restricted high security lock cylinders. There are a great deal of high security lock types available that are suited to mortice locks. Always consult with your locksmith to find the best key and lock type for your door. Mortice locks can be rekeyed and keyed to suit any other type of key. In Brisbane Access Locksmiths carry a range of registered key systems and we supply and fit mortice locks to doors in all suburbs.